Executive Search Overview

The multifaceted RSW Executive Search process eliminates undesirable candidates and locates the best-suited leaders.

RSW matches rigorously-screened board-level, c-level, and mid-level candidates with assignments across various industries.

Specialized Methodologies
That Work

RSW Executive Search has spent more than 20 years perfecting our unique talent acquisition process. It has been honed to attract the best executive talent available on every assignment. This highly duplicatable process involves liaising with the client’s team, developing an assignment-specific strategy, assignment execution, candidate assessments, candidate referencing, and presenting the final candidates to the client.

Hiring Niches

Our search experience over 20 years has spanned a multitude of industries and markets with particular expertise in the following niches

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Energy & Cleantech

Traditional and alternative power generation, energy distribution, energy efficiency, energy storage technologies, and battery development.

Automotive Technology

EV technologies and production, Auto Tech, EV infrastructure, and more.

Biotech & Bioindustrial

Biofuels, biochemicals, bioprocess development, and more.

Agriculture Sciences

Plant sciences, crop protection, and sustainable farming.

Sustainable Foods

Aquafarming, sustainable farming, plant based protein alternatives, and more.

Water Treatment Technology

Filtration membranes, desalination, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, water treatment chemicals and subsystems, and more.

Placing Amazing Candidates

Demand for the best executive talent is evergreen and highly competitive. We combine the powers of our vast network of contacts, in-depth industry knowledge, 20+ years of experience, and cutting-edge automated technologies to locate the most suitable candidates for every assignment. We conduct detailed interviews with finalists candidates and present only the most qualified and experienced leaders to our clients.

I have worked with Steve for over 10 years. Time after time and for two different companies, he has placed quality candidates. I appreciate Steve’s broad knowledge, unmatched professionalism, and strong sense of urgency.

Peter Meinhold Peter Meinhold Founder & CTO

I have worked with Stephen on a talent search for ENOVIX. Stephen has helped me conduct a search for equipment engineers experienced and equipped with a very particular skillset hard to find.

Gunther Koblmiller Gunther Koblmiller Senior Director, Equipment Engineering

Stephen and I have worked together for the past 20 years. Stephen is an extremely high caliber executive search professional. I can attest from personal experience

Gary Breton Gary Breton Senior Vice President
RSW Executive Search services match and place the best suited A-level candidates across many industries.
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