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Placing A-level Candidates for Leading Companies

Our global clients trust us because they know we deliver highly-vetted candidates to fill executive poisitions. We also match candidates based on the unique culture of a client’s workplace. We are focused on presenting only the best-suited candidates for every client, every time.

Following are some case studies that describe individual talent matching scenarios we have provided excellent solutions for in the past:

CFO for a water filtration company

We were initially asked to help find a Controller that would come into a startup situation to streamline financial operations and to institute up-to-date accounting practices.

Two weeks into the search and through continued discussion with the client, it became apparent that their long-term need was to not only meet current requirements, but to find someone that was experienced with fundraising, financing, and laying the groundwork for taking the company public in the future.

We expanded our search and were able to identify and attract a candidate that had been with a startup water company, participated in fundraising, and was instrumental in the sale of the company to a Fortune 500 company.

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CEO at a struggling construction-tech company

We were approached with the significant challenge of attracting a new CEO to take over a failing company that had very good technology, but a strategy that was not working well.

Considering the difficulty of attracting a CEO into a dire situation, we concluded that we’d need to find a mix of experience that included knowledge of the construction and construction equipment industries. Also, we would need to find a candidate that was not only able to take on considerable risk but was the type of person that would welcome and thrive in such a situation.

Within weeks following intensive networking, we had identified a candidate with both experience with a large equipment company as well as experience with a reputable EPC. The candidate was consulting at the time which demonstrated an openness to risk-taking and creativity to problem-solving.

The results were tremendous! Within a year, the company completely turned around with a new strategy and customer focus, and within two years the company was successfully sold to one of the major construction equipment companies in the world.

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Vice President of HR at a biochemicals company

An early-stage biochemicals company with considerable backing was looking to expand their team very quickly but had no human resources function through which rapid expansion could be accomplished and managed.

The need was to find a candidate with experience in a fast-growth environment, one who is highly organized, and who may possess a personal sense of urgency to get things done quickly.

The ideal candidate would have both startup experience and the understanding of procedural requirements that come from time within a large company environment. We identified that candidate within two weeks and they started within a month.

The chosen VP of HR then went on to grow the company from 5 people to 150 within 3 years, and to then participate as a member of the executive team to take the company public.

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General Counsel, and VP of Intellectual Property at an agriculture company

A rapidly expanding IP portfolio combined with global business operations and the legal challenges that come with them meant we had to find a “needle in a haystack.”

The initial search was for a Director-level Patent Attorney, but through 3+ weeks of candidate identification and discussions with the client, it became evident that the candidate would need a broader skill set to meet their needs.

After adjusting our requirements, we set out to identify possible American ex-pats with IP experience in the US and abroad along with experience that included corporate and international contract law.

After a few weeks of aggressive networking within the global agricultural space, we identified a candidate with both Fortune 500 and small company experience along with international IP, corporate, and contractual experience.

As an added benefit, the candidate was an American ex-pat looking to bring his family back to the US. This was a win-win for the candidate’s family and the client. Within 90 days, the candidate had been identified, successfully negotiated with, and had a start date picked out. The chosen candidate has had a tremendous impact on the company.

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Other Select Placements

Diversified Industrial Services to the Energy and Process Industries

COO, EVP Operations, Chief Financial Officer, VP of Business Development, Divisional EVP, Director of HR, and several engineering roles.

Aerospace and Industrial Components

Chief Technology Officer, Director of Mechanical Engineering, and multiple engineering roles.

Diversified Energy Services Company

Chief Operation Officer, Vice President of Global Strategy, Vice President of Business Development (South America), Director of Construction Management, and multiple project management and engineering roles.

Advanced Biochemicals and Biofuels

CFO, VP of Business Development, VP of Engineering, VP of HR, VP of Bioprocess Development, and multiple engineering and scientist roles.

Crop Pest Control with Pheromones

VP & General Counsel, VP of Supply Chain, Director of Quality Assurance, Director of Procurement, and multiple engineering and scientist roles.

Energy Storage

CFO, COO, VP level in operations and sales, to Chemical, Mechanical, and Materials Engineers.

Renewable Chemicals

CEO, CFO, COO, CSO, CTO, VP level, and multiple engineering and scientist roles.

Client Testimonials

I have known Stephen Winget for 7 years and recommend him highly as a recruiter for filling key technical roles in advanced manufacturing. After successfully helping me find engineering talent at a Silicon Valley start-up company, I chose Steven to help fill a difficult to find process automation role at Elcon Precision. Steven is very organized, listens carefully to your requirements, and keeps you well informed as the pipeline of candidates is developed and optimized. Steven consistently delivers quality candidates when promised and assists with the process vetting candidates to find the right person for the job. His work is customized to your specific search criteria, therefore the majority of candidates he identifies closely match the requirements of the role you need to fill. Stephen is a fabulous technical recruiter and I recommend his services to anyone on the technical manufacturing business space.

Tim Dyer Tim Dyer President

Stephen and I have worked together for the past 20 years. I have reached out to Stephen on several opportunities I had an interest in and to assist him with recommendations as well. Stephen is an extremely high caliber executive search professional. I can attest from personal experience Stephen will interview every candidate in the best interest of the search he is working on and do his very best to assure he presents only a fully vetted candidate for any search he has. Stephen is a person of high ethics, honesty, and follow up. I would hire Stephen to represent my company as my first choice as well as reach out to him to secure a new position if needed.

Gary Breton Gary Breton Senior Vice President

I have worked with Steve for over 10 years. Time after time and for two different companies, he has placed quality candidates. I appreciate Steve’s broad industry knowledge, unmatched professionalism, and strong sense of urgency. He is a thorough, consistent communicator though every search. Steve adds real value and is the first person I call when facing a challenging search.

Peter Meinhold Peter Meinhold Founder & CTO

I have worked with Stephen on a talent search for ENOVIX Corporation, a startup working next generation Li-Ion batteries; Stephen has helped me conduct a search for equipment engineers experienced and equipped with a very particular skillset hard to find. Through his network and Industry knowledge Stephen has been able to get us first class candidates and we were able to fill the positions in short time.

Gunther Koblmiller Gunther Koblmiller Senior Director, Equipment Engineering

Growing your team with employees that share your company's cultural values are critical for success. In working with Steve, I he was able to probe our needs deeply to understand the attributes we were looking for when adding to our management team. He made the recruitment process efficient and successful.

Bill Dillon Bill Dillon CEO

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Stephen Vitkauskas Stephen Vitkauskas SVP & CFO
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